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Burlington, ON, November 13, 2012 /CNW/ –


“An idea is worth nothing if it has no champion to bring it to life, so don’t wait, activate.”

We live in uncertain times. These times are challenging and will continue to be challenging. For YOU – Challenging? Yes. BUT Opportunities to Grow? Even more so.


The challenge is doing more with less and getting ideas turned into action. Good ideas are common – what’s uncommon are people who’ll work hard enough to bring them about. That’s what THE KMAC GROUP does.


THE KMAC GROUP has evolved as a partner helping enterprises stay on top by empowering decision makers with the ability to get more done while keeping focused on one thing – their core business. KMAC GROUP President Keith McIntyre commented “It’s been a fascinating journey since we opened our doors in 1992. The Leafs were in the playoffs and the Jays were winning a World Series. Things have changed and so have we. We’ve refreshed our look to reflect our commitment of helping clients move forward and we invite you to take part in shaping KMAC’s future by tapping into our experience and resources to capitalize on opportunities for growth. One thing that’s not changed is our common purpose — to grow your business. We focus on your non-core business challenges so you can keep your focus on your core business.”

Let’s Get it Done
, our mantra for 2013 is energetic, aspirational and versatile. McIntyre notes “This phrase tells the story of getting a project off the ground, moving it forward, delivering results, empowering you to get more done. We do this through innovation (actionable ideas), established communities and networks, efficient process, and enriching value.” THE KMAC GROUP website has also been completely revamped to provide valuable insights and content. We invite you to “Discover” deeper insights into the world of sponsorship, experiential marketing and strategic partnership activation while offering fresh, inspirational content and resources from leading global technology and design firms.


THE KMAC GROUP is recognized by Fortune 500 companies for getting complex ideas and programs up and running seamlessly, quickly, effectively and efficiently. With over 740 projects activated for 15 Fortune 500 companies, 15,000 in-store events executed and a community of 1,500 specialized field consultants, KMAC has mastered the science of activating ideas. KMAC brings deeper, more meaningful relationships and connections to your business providing expertise in sponsorship, spokespersons, shopper marketing, experiential marketing and strategic partnerships. You focus on your core business, we’ll take care of the rest.

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