Leveraging Your Brand

Sponsorship – How do you link your company, service or brand to your customers’ passions? Well, invite them to the party… to meet you in the context of that passion and help them indulge that passion.

We can identify the right fit for you. Our networks run deep and once we help you find the right fit, we will help you increase your company or brand relevance, create excitement around your products and services and demonstrate how to own a unique point of difference vs. your competitors. So why not achieve multiple objectives such as incremental sales volume, increased awareness (PR), visibility, relevance, loyalty, experience, passions, hospitality? That’s efficient.


Spokespersons and Celebrities – What some would consider a “delusionary” strategy. But, it works.  And victory awaits those that venture down this path. A spokesperson or a celebrity can add almost instant awareness, feeling, meaning or relevance to any product or situation. We can help you find the right spokesperson for your needs. We’ll do the the research to help you make inspired choices and find that one person with a compelling, authentic, personal story to tell and then we’ll help you train and manage the partnership for maximum return. 


General Mills Canadian Olympic Sponsorship Case Study    Experiential Marketing
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