Keith McIntyre is a regular contributor to the Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star, Business News Network (BNN), Global Television, CBC, CTV, Canadian Business and is a frequent guest on Talk 1010 Radio, 680 News and The Sport Market Team 1040/TSN Radio. Keith also speaks regularly at industry conferences and educational institutions discussing the topics of entrepreneurship, sponsorship marketing, innovative marketing solutions and sports marketing.



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05/27/2014TSN signs deal to produce content for Canadian Tire ads
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12/15/2012Radio: 1050 TSN "The Sport Market" with Tom Mayenknecht. Topic: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - NFL Paul Tagliabue Ruling, NHL Lockout
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6/8/2012BNN - Economic, Business impact of Euro 2012. Interview with Jim Gabel, President Adidas Group Canada, Howard Green
6/5/2012Talk 1010 Radio - Branding in Extreme Cases: Labatt threatens to sue Montreal Gazette over Luka Magnotta photo
5/26/2012Toronto Star - "Samurai" hockey war looming
5/15/2012National Post - Golf Town expands U.S. presence with Golfsmith takeover
4/19/2012Toronto Star - 2012 Olympics: 'Brand police‰' set to crack down on reckless tweeting
2/25/2012TSN 1050 Sport Radio
2/8/2012Toronto Star - Sidney Crosby could reap $20M if injuries force retirement
1/31/2012Toronto Star - Questions surround Sarah Burke‰'s lack of medical insurance
12/14/2011Yahoo Canada - Mega brands jostle for prominence after MLSE deal
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12/9/11680 News - Bell Rogers buy MLSE Pt. 1 of 2
12/9/11680 News - Bell Rogers buy MLSE Pt. 2 of 2
11/25/11680 News - Headline News Teacher's/MLSE
11/25/11680 News - Teacher's Fund withdraws sale of MLSE.
11/25/11680 News - Teachers' to keep stake in MLSE after review
11/23/11Talk 1010 Radio - Proposed Markham arena would rival ACC
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12/3/2010Toronto Star - Poetic ‰wordsmithing‰? Teachers‰' says it has no firm offer‰ for Leafs
12/2/2010Toronto Star - Cable giant‰'s power play a game changer
CBC National News - UFC coming to Toronto: Amanda Lang, CBC senior business reporter reports about the business impact of the UFC coming to Toronto on CBC National News. Keith McIntyre comments about UFC Canada.
1/12/2010CBC Radio -Teddy Katz - Rogers MLSE
1/12/2010BNN -Host Michael Kane talks with Keith McIntyre, K.Mac about the rumour of Roger's Communications purchasing a stake in MLSE
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11/8/2005Globe and Mail - Globe and Mail
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5/3/2005Globe and Mail - Staff Tells York to Sue
4/8/2005Globe and Mail - Blue Jays Deliver New Advertising Pitch
3/4/2005Globe and Mail - TD Banknorth gets Naming Rights for Popular Boston Sports Arena
2/25/2005Toronto Star - Royal Bank gives Olympcs backing $110 Million Support Pledge
2/7/2005Globe and Mail - Making TV Rights Pay is Olympic Hurdle
2/3/2005Globe and Mail - Rogers Plays Name Game with SkyDome
12/23/2004Globe and Mail - On the Slopes, CIBC has its Olympic Dream
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2/28/2002National Post - Skaters‰' Gold Medal Estimated Worth $5M
2/27/2002Globe an Mail - Six Athletes, Six Gold: Cereal Boxes Got it Right
2/26/2002Reuters Worldwide - After the Gold, It‰'s the Green for Sale, Pelleti
2/26/2002Globe and Mail - Marketers Mine Gold After Olympics
2/26/2002Ottawa Citizen - Skating Pair to Cash In
2/22/2002Globe and Mail - A gold medal in men’s hockey would do more than restore our nation’s collective pride
1/11/2002Sponsorship Report - Labatt signs three-year deal with Air Canada Grand Prix (Part 1)
Sponsorship Report - Labatt signs three-year deal with Air Canada Grand Prix (Part 2)
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