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We live in uncertain times. These times are challenging and will continue to be challenging. P&G’s Marc Pritchard recently commented, “Our world is one of vertigo, mistrust, cynicism”. Add technology to this already chaotic cocktail, and you’ll find that the world is evolving at warp speed continually changing the way we live. We are all connected, all the time, constantly operating in a 24/7 world. Technology is building communities and reshaping the way we communicate with each other. As individuals, we are inundated with thousands of messages daily;

For YOU – Challenging? Yes.

For business leaders and marketers – Challenging? Yes BUT Opportunities to Grow? Even more so!

The challenge is how to creatively align your efforts with key retail customers to drive profitable sales while creating better consumer experiences, gain attention in the market place and increase productivity of the workforce.

With more the 20 years of experience, The KMAC GROUP evolved as a partner helping enterprises stay on top. We’ve refreshed our look to reflect our commitment of helping clients move forward and we invite you to take part in shaping KMAC’s future by tapping into our experience and resources to capitalize on opportunities for growth.

Our common purpose is simple: grow your business.

Let’s Get it Done
Our mantra for 2015 is energetic, aspirational, inclusive and versatile. The phrase “Let’s Get it Done” tells the story of getting a project off the ground, moving it forward and delivering results. We do this through innovation, communities and networks, efficient process, and adding value to make a better consumer experience. We build a credible team for any project with the sole purpose getting the project done and enriching value.



You go to Amazon to buy something.
You go to Google to search for something.
You go to Facebook to connect with friends.
You go to Groupon for daily deals.
You go to Twitter to send and read tweets.
You go to KMAC to move your ideas forward.

The KMAC GROUP champions the importance of teamwork and working with others towards a common goal – grow your business. KMAC brings deeper, more meaningful relationships and connections to your business and will build you a team for any project. We excel at synchronizing efforts to take a project, run with it so you don’t worry about it. In today’s world of unsteadiness, continually changing environments, and limited resources, this allows you to remain lean and focus your efforts to compete. We finish the race for you with an easy, smooth transition and tenacious execution.



At The KMAC GROUP, we believe you must:

1) Identify the opportunity – in an era of big data, start by with key insights – a deep and meaningful understanding the people who matter and what matters to them. This leads to a valuable reframe of the opportunity to better serve unmet needs.

2) Create a breakthrough solution including those that are outside your current framework. Innovative ideas come from the open exploration of new possibilities.

3) Create the strategy to deliver and win

4) Build the right team, educate and train

5) Activate and Execute with laser precision

6) Measure, Learn, Adapt for Future Growth

All with the speed and agility needed to keep pace with the evolving market place.




Keith McIntyre
Leanne Rowley
Client Director / Manager 
Holly Nonis
Account Manager
Jill King
Account & Infrastructure 
Sam Coulson
Logistics &     Training
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Chelcie Chelcie 

Territory Manager Oral Care


ShanaShana Thompson
Territory Manager, Oral Care


AmberHartnettAmber Hartnett
Territory Manager, Oral Care


Jennifer Cain
Territory Manager,
Oral Care


Cassie Arnold
Territory Manager,
Oral Care

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Welcome our newest KMAC team members: Simon, Sheela, James, Rob, Stephen and Kerri!  


Simon’s (Territory Manager: Québec City) Bio: 

Simon studied business administration(marketing) at Laval University in Quebec city and received his diploma in 1991. He has 25 years of experience in sales. Simon had the opportunity to sell great brands such as Mott’s Clamato, Advil, Centrum and Robax. 

During these 25 years, Simon was always eager to upgrade his knowledge in sales techniques and science. He took the following continuous education courses: Persuasion, Healthcare in Canada, Rheumatology, Vaccinology, Immunology, Clinical studies and some professional selling skills courses.

Beside working and studying, Simon is volunteering as a coach in a minor hockey league since 2006.

He also loves to play tennis, fishing and hunting.

Simon is very enthusiastic for his new journey with the KMAC Group as the Oral Care Representative in the Quebec city region.






Sheela’s (Territory Manager: Richmond Hill) Bio: 

Sheela Hamdard began her career as a Registered Dental Hygienist in 2012 and has since pursued various roles in the dental industry. She has worked directly alongside Dentists, and has built strong professional relationships with top dental industry leaders.

Sheela always creates a positive environment wherever she is. She is highly adaptable and believes in creating winning strategies and solutions for her clients.

Sheela is very eager to begin her new role as the Territory Manager – Oral Care for Richmond Hill, Ontario, and is excited to be a part of the KMAC Group!

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 11.33.18 AM






Rob’s (Territory Manager: Winnipeg) Bio: 

Rob Fraser is a life-long Winnipegger through and through. Born and raised in the city, he attended the University of Winnipeg and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business in 1989, and returned there to complete a Management Certificate in 2005.

His career has taken him through an interesting 20 year which includes territory and district management, product management, government affairs, and healthcare analytics. While working for top companies such as Bristol Myers Squibb, Purdue Pharma, and Eli Lilly, he developed many relationships in his roles and focused on bringing value to interactions with health care professionals and staff.

Rob is very looking forward to his new position as the Oral Care Sales Representative in Manitoba & Saskatchewan for KMAC Group where he hopes to have a positive impact on the oral care of his customer’s patients.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 11.33.01 AM






Kerri’s (Territory Manager: Vancouver Island) Bio

Kerri Harrison was born and raised in Ontario but is a West Coast girl at heart and has lived in Vancouver since 2006. She studied Kinesiology and Physical Education at Wilfred Laurier University and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Sport & Event Management from Durham College. Her passion for health and fitness ultimately led into her sales career in 2005.

Her passion for health fitness and wellness opened many doors for her including Personal training, Employee Health, Wellness and Benefits, Disability Management and Group insurance. Kerri is an ever closing sales person with a passion for meeting new people and developing relationships.

She is a multi-dimensional person, with passion for sales, health and fitness and humanitarianism. She enjoys learning and teaching, exploring and understanding and ultimately challenging herself in many aspects of her life. She is an avid swimmer, hiker, scuba diver, cyclist and triathlete. She enjoys extreme sports and challenges. She also has travelled to many countries in the world and loves to go “where the wild things are”

Kerri is very excited to be a part of the KMAC group and is eager to begin her role as a Territory Manager. She feels a strongly about her ability to achieve great success in her role and really feels a strong sense of team at KMAC and can’t wait to be a part of it. Ready, Set, Go!







Stephen’s (Territory Manager: Burlington) Bio: 

A dedicated sales professional with extensive experience in successfully building and managing client relationships and providing superior quality service. Stephen establishes and maintains excellent business relationships, both internally and externally which is based on mutual trust, respect, and integrity. When Stephen isn’t representing Crest and Oral B, he can be found on his bike, rollerblades, at yoga, or in the gym. Both his professional and personal life are goal oriented.

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James’s (Territory Man ager: Hamilton) Bio:

Years working around the globe and my experience as a business owner have given me a unique ability to understand, adapt and solve most issues that hinder people in their day to day work environments. The problem solving skills I’ve developed throughout my career make partnering with me simple and risk free.

The customer facing management roles and B2B sales roles I’ve excelled in have offered me the chance to nurture the skills necessary to fully grasp the importance of Customer Service, efficiency, productivity and reliability. These traits when brought to your business ensure that the partnership we grow will be one that thoroughly benefits your practice.







In the Community

We believe everyone can make a difference in their community whether it be donating a bag of clothing or volunteering their time at a local soup kitchen. Here at The KMAC GROUP, we donated to the 2013 ‘Be The Difference Campaign‘ organized by General Mills Canada Corporation and United Way of Peel Region. In 2012, this campaign was nominated for and won Best National Campaign and employee Campaign Chair of the Year. The items and donations are much needed and will be benefiting clients of women shelters, parent workshops and youth after-school programs, ensuring adults and kids throughout Peel have the opportunity to thrive.

As a supporter of the Cincinnati community, The KMAC GROUP has made a $3,000 contribution in support of Ronald McDonald House Charity of Greater Cincinnati by participating in the 3rd Annual Pep Charity Golf Outing, 2013.

The KMAC GROUP has generously made a gift of $12,500 to McMaster University establishing The KMAC GROUP Scholarship. Established in 2012 by Keith McIntyre, B.Com. (Class of ’84), this scholarship will be awarded to a student who has completed Level 1 and an additional 57-69 units of the Commerce Program who, in the judgment of a selection committee, has demonstrated academic achievement, leadership and an interest in the field of Marketing. Students who are interested in applying for this award must submit their resume and a 500-word essay outlining their interest in a marketing career.